4 Steps To Boost Your Relationship This Year

Do you want to have a better relationship with your partner this year?

Even if you think the chemistry between you two has fizzled out, I challenge you to think differently. You can turn back the clock to the fun, early days of long illuminating conversations and playful tease.

Here’s what I like to call, a 4–step plan that will help you repair, rebuild and rekindle the sparks between you and your partner:

Note: For this plan to work, you’re going to have to get in touch with that fierce and flirty you. Your partner may be shocked at first, especially if things have been cold between you two for a while. But, keep trying.

#1 – Get Rid Of Bedroom Boredom By Having More Sex

After being with someone for so long, it’s easy to fall into a predictable sex routine. Let your man know that he still turns you on by having more sex. Want to really kick things up a notch? Take more risks in the bedroom. Add some oomph by switching it up more.

If you need another incentive for having more great sex, think of your health. Research shows that individuals who are sexually active 1-2 a week have less stress, higher levels of antibodies in their immune system, and lower blood pressure. So get romping!

MG Tip: Make familiar moves feel fresh again by sharing a deep sexual fantasy with him. Don’t be shy or embarrassed. It could be something as simple as a sexy scenario you’ve always wanted to experience.

Also, make eye contact during sex. If your eyes are closed during sex, it could send the signal that you’re not fully present. Eye contact promotes togetherness.

#2 Reintroduce Make-Out Sessions

Remember the days when people would tell you to “get a room!” That was back when you two would kiss and cuddle for hours on end. Reintroduce that back into your relationship. It’s a great way to have intimacy without sex, which actually intensifies sexual desire. Go for the long, slow, open mouth kisses. The ones that leave you thinking about each other all day long.

MG Tip: Next time you’re kissing, don’t be afraid to gently bite his lips as you’re ending the kiss…it will keep him hot and bothered about you.

Want to know another benefit to making out? It exercises the underlying muscles in your face, thereby giving you a more youthful look.

#3 – Laugh It Up

Laughter truly is the best medicine. It boosts romance, promotes comradery and diffuses conflict. Here are a few ways you can both start laughing more:

  • Watch funny movies
  • Tell a joke (even if it’s a bad one)
  • Reminisce on the old days
  • Laugh at your own mistakes
  • Laugh at his mistakes (especially the ones he thinks you’re going to be angry about)

#4 – Stop Being A Bully, Be Kind To One Another

Are you bullying your partner without realizing it? Out of habit, you may have gotten used to pointing out their faults or shortcomings. But, instead of creating contempt in your relationship, spend more time appreciating what your partner contributes and does right.

A great place to start is by saying “thank you” or “I appreciate you for…” more often. Your partner may be longing to hear those simple words from you.

Using this 4-step plan will breathe new life into your relationship. So, get started with it now. Also, tell me… which one of these are you going to try first?

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