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Once Upon a Time in a Digital Land


Founded back in 2013, Michelle’s goal was to help clients restore and maintain healthy relationships through couples coaching. Couples were so happy with their remarkable results that they began referring her to their single friends who needed help finding love. At the same time, the online dating world was exploding giving her the perfect opportunity to help singles find lasting love through the use of cutting edge technology. Now three years and dozens of happy clients later, Michelle G. is becoming one of the most trusted digital matchmaking services for singles. Though our company has evolved, we’ve never lost our focus in helping clients achieve and maintain healthy relationships.


Our approach is different from the other love “gurus” out there.

We use proven scientific and psychological methods along with technology to help clients find their ultimate matches. We’re not interested in short term results. Instead, we’re fully invested in our clients’ long term happiness. Love is built on trust and matchmaking should be too. That’s why Michelle is upfront about what breaks her heart with the matchmaking culture today…and why you should trust us.

#1 – Lonely Matchmakers. Tons of people call themselves dating coaches and matchmakers, but they can’t seem to get *it* right for themselves. How can anyone take their advice seriously? Michelle has proudly figured it out for herself and her team has too.

#2 – Online Dating Bashers. Before anyone bashes online dating, they must understand that it’s no different from any other social media site. People are either there to just hook up or find lasting love. The goal is to find like-minded people to connect with.

#3 – Lack of Knowledge. Most people are unaware of the science behind online dating – not even many so-called matchmakers. As a result, they have no idea of the powerful outcomes it can have (when done right). We understand it. We use it. And, our clients appreciate it.

Everyone on our team is a professional expert in their area. It also doesn’t hurt that they’re all happily in love themselves.


Michelle G – Love Scientist

Michelle G is a Certified Dating and Relationship Specialist (CRS)® and holds a Bachelor of Science in Social Psychology. She is the author of the #1 best selling book, Relationship SOS: Seven Lifelines to Rescue Your Emotional Intimacy Now. Her passion is to help singles and couples answer the questions “What does the word LOVE mean to me?” and “How can I have the relationship I desire?” Her mission is to change the way singles and couples approach relationships – including the one we have with ourselves. Michelle is frequently featured in media as a relationship expert and her articles have been featured in local and national publications.

Prior to becoming a dating and relationship expert, Michelle served in the United States Marine Corps where she analyzed intelligence, assisted in conflict resolution, and managed critical relationships to maintain US security for 13 years. This five foot tall dynamo teamed with U.S. agencies including the FBI, DOS, DOD and others where she led community outreach programs and acted as liaison with local city governments around the world.

Favorite Date Night:

A picnic – indoor or outdoor – is a creative and fun way to spark conversations.


American Psychotherapy Association - Certified Relationship Specialist - CRS

Certified Matchmaker - Matchmaking Institute

The Gottman Institute - The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work Leader

LinkedIn ProFinder Award - 2016




Sam B – Digital Stylist

Sam’s love for fashion started from a very young age and has grown with her career experiences throughout the industry. Always fascinated by anything and everything to do with how a person can change the way they look and feel by a single piece of garment, she earned her Bachelor of Science in Fashion Design and Merchandising from the University of Hawaii. She then went on and achieved her Masters of Science in International Marketing Management from Boston University. Her passion has given her the opportunity to share that knowledge around the world through teaching, designing, and styling. Her keen eye and expertise makes creating looks for every occasion a genuine expression of her clients making her a valuable asset to our team.

Visit her blog at www.thislovelife.com

Favorite Date Night Outfit:

A girly feminine top with a dark colored of skinny jeans paired with high stilettos. Add classic and simple accessories to round out the look.



Roxanne – Award Winning Photographer

International award winning professional photographer Roxanne Morganti has been recognized repeatedly by her peers as a top portrait artist. Roxanne’s passionate about making every client who stands in front of her lens feel better about themselves.

Every photographer loves to shoot a beautiful model because their easy to shoot and they make photographers look talented, however, Roxanne really loves to photograph those who shy away from the camera’s lens. Her creativity and experience creates an environment where camera-shy people feel comfortable opening up about their fears or insecurities – photographically speaking.

Roxanne is so much more than ‘just’ a photographer with a great eye; She’s every client she’s ever photographed. She was once a kid – the youngest of 4, transforming into an awkward teen with embarrassing blemishes, bad hair days, and body issues. She’s been in and out of every type of relationship who finally found her happily ever after. The combination of Roxanne’s training and 30+ years of experience creates outstanding images that consistently captures her clients essence and transformation making them true works of art.

Visit her portfolio at www.roxannemorganti.com

Favorite Selfie Pose:

Worried about a round face? Hold your phone vertically for a slimming effect. Have a long and angular face? A Landscape composition will highlight the right features.


Jessica W – Digital Writer

Every good story begins with a writer. But, every great story begins with Jessica. She understands that words have the power to make or break a brand, especially when it comes telling your story. As a copywriter and content strategist, Jessica holds her Bachelor of Arts in Communications and proudly gets her daily “fix” from creating stories that connects and impacts readers. Her experience in helping multi-million dollar companies and small businesses tell their stories that are authentic and engaging makes her a great addition to the team.

A few things Jessica is in love with… personal growth and development books, Reese’s Cups, watersports, and classic Disney cartoons.

Online dating writing tip:

Be a Giver: Always put at least one line in your profile that states what you’d do for them. You’ve probably been clear on what you want. But, what about them? It can be something like cooking for them (if that’s what you like to do), or always surprising them on their birthday.

Sarah A – Makeup Artist

As a makeup artist, Sarah’s goal is to make you look and feel your best while putting you at ease. Her passion and professionalism on sets and photo shoots help her anticipate the needs of her of every client who sits in her chair. From the time Sarah was a little girl, she always loved makeup. It was the in the Latin and Ballroom competitions where Sarah love for make up would blossom. What started out as helping our teammates for shows and competitions lead her to attending Makeup Artistry School in Los Angeles. Additionally, Sarah also holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology from University of California Davis. Sarah’s skills and passion has lead her to work with high profile clientele such as Richard Dreyfuss, Governor Mitt Romney, Ian Ziering, (Sharknado/Beverly Hills 92010) Julian McMahon (Nip Tuck), and Dr. Ben Carson to name a few.

Visit her portfolio at www.beautybysaraha.com

Favorite Makeup Tip:

 Use a baby toothbrush to exfoliate your lips with combination of brown sugar, coconut oil and honey. It will reinvigorate those lips for that next kiss.

Giving Back

Because we believe in giving back, a percentage of every sale from MichelleG.com goes towards supporting children, young women and veterans. When you make a purchase, we make a donation to the nonprofit in your name.

Here are our current partners:


You’ve got questions. We’ve got answers.

  • Why do you also offer coaching in addition to concierge services?

    We believe in order to have successful relationships in your life, it starts with you. Although our mission is to help individuals find love, sometimes we meet singles that are interested in our services but during our consultation, we discover they’re struggling in their dating life because of unresolved heartaches. Our coaching programs are designed to help you get past this and ready for the love you deserve.

  • Do you offer relationship coaching to couples who didn’t use your service?

    Of course! Our relationship coaching is for any couple whose relationship is experiencing difficulties or looking to take their relationship to the next step. All of our coaches are degreed with a minimum of a Bachelor's in various fields of Psychology to help you find a coach who suits your needs.

  • What is the difference between The Starter and the Be Noticed service?

    The biggest difference between The Starter and the Be Noticed service is that The Starter package is designed to help you start online dating with an exceptional profile, however, the Be Noticed is a service where one of our coaches is helping you navigate the dating site you’re on. This includes coaching and teaching you about what to look for in profiles, types of questions to ask, and deciphering online communications.

  • How many websites do you work/manage with for The Total Dating Package? Your other packages specified 2-3 sites.

    Our concierge services work with 2-4 sites depending on the length of the contract, client specific needs and lifestyle. All this is determined during the concierge interview.

  • Does The Total Dating Package include the cost of membership to dating sites or is this paid separately by the client?

    The cost of memberships to the dating sites are paid by the client. We do this as a form of security to not keep clients credit information.

  • How much does your concierge service cost?

    Our concierge service is a personalized service that handles the nuances of online dating plus you get Michelle G as your dating coach and her team of experts focused on optimizing your online and offline dating experience. Our prices vary depending on the level of management a client needs and discussed in detail during the consultation.

  • What are your success rates?

    Our success rates vary depending on what an individual deems a success, however, we have several marriages and engagements under our belt. Although the ultimate goal is for our clients to find a meaningful relationship, it has been our experience that some clients have hurdles to overcome as they step out into the digital dating world. Keeping this in mind as well as what they’re looking for, helps us in having success with our clients.