Hear what Michelle G's clients have to say.


“I owe everything to Michelle G. At 44, I had practically given up on finding the love of my life and was preparing to settle for just good enough. I had been in and out of a dysfunctional relationship that lasted 8 years and figured that my dreams of having it all were just that, dreams. What I longed for in my soul was a deeply connected partner who cherished me, loved me and wanted to build a life together, not some solo-sharing the same space-illusion of togetherness. When Michelle heard the desires of my heart, she knew she could help. She actually said “I have the perfect man for you”, which of course I didn’t believe. Because I trusted Michelle, my life is different, more different than I could have ever hoped it could be, and yes, she had the perfect man for me. I can’t believe how blessed I am to finally have the partner, lover and friend I have been longing for. Truly, my soul smiled the day I met Keith. Thank you Michelle for having the ability to wade through all the superficial crap that most people in your business care about and for making the connection, not just a match.On August 16th, 2014 I married the love of my life and finally have a partner to build a life with.” – Lisa



“I owe everything to Michelle G.  She knew exactly what she was doing when she put Lisa and I together.  Michelle is a true matchmaker who looks out for her clients best interests and best wishes.  Thank you for doing what you do best – helping others find exactly what they are looking for.” – Keith



“For years, I always thought it was better to be alone, than find someone I could spend my life with.  I’m a business owner so I always used the excuse I’m too busy and love my life just the way it is…the truth is I had been single for over 30 years and I was scared beyond belief.  With Michelle G’s guidance, coaching, and encouragement,  she made me feel like I could work through my fear…and work I did every day bit by bit.  Michelle was with me every step of the way and it gave me more confidence to find my soul mate. On October 5th, 2013 I met that man. Without Michelle G’s help I wouldn’t have been ready and open for a relationship. Not only that, I’m excited for the future!  She has taught me about giving, receiving and more than that trusting, I highly recommend Michelle G as an expert in her field!” – Laurie




“Michelle G is a fantastic relationship coach, providing deep insights and spurring clients toward improved practices. I met Michelle G at an entrepreneur’s mastermind session. Her feedback during the session was so intuitive, even without knowing me at the time, that I felt compelled to learn more about her work. I’d been struggling in terms of some personal decision making and in some relationship areas with my husband of 20 years. First, I worked with Michelle G to work through my own historical baggage, then my husband and I worked with Michelle together. Throughout the process, Michelle G has been very professional and yet warm, inviting and non judgmental. She maintains complete confidentiality, provides good insights–and, frankly, challenges clients–leading to true growth and improvement. I can say that I feel lighter as a result of releasing past hurts, and that my husband and I have a stronger, more open relationship as a result of our working together with Michelle G. I highly recommend her as a relationship coach, when it comes to self-relationship or long-term partner relationships. I’m confident she is an equally exceptional dating coach, as well. Hire her! I’m confident you won’t regret it!” – Juli & Jeff



“What a beautiful day it is to wake up with excitement and emotion, which just a few short months ago seemed impossible to tap into. I wondered whether I would ever find that spot in my heart which could allow another person to occupy. And you, my dear Michelle G, were the catalyst for making this happen! You know I am what most would call a pretty “in-touch” guy. Happy go-lucky, active, always expecting good things to come my way. What many didn’t know is that I had a big void in my life. Since the disruption of a failed marriage, I had somehow (and somewhere) lost my mojo. I can see now that I wasn’t connecting with that part in my heart which allowed me to touch others intimately. The outside game was super strong; but I was far from fulfilled inside—and so must have been the women I have had relationships with. Your two-day intensive experience was more than eye-opening, it was heart opening. Thank you, Michelle. I am very happy to have had the opportunity to learn from you. I feel what you have taught me will greatly improve the quality of my life for many years to come.” – Eric



“Thank you so much for loving me back to me! 🙂

Your unconditional, but tough love was instrumental in my journey of growth and love for myself. So much has changed. And I owe a great deal of that mindset to your and your coaching. When I started loving and accepting myself as I am first, something I’ve never done before, my entire life changed. My world opened up. You helped me to define that and what I needed. I am more confident and clear in my choices and what I want and need. Listening to my gut and honoring my intuition. Thank you for teaching me that in this moment I am whole, and that I am exactly where I’m supposed to be.

I am my biggest investment. I am happier and more calm.

I love you, and I’m so grateful I met you.” – Audra



“Soy Hispana y mi novio es americano con raices alemanas, tenemos 55 años y hemos tenido algunas diferencias por el hecho de que soy viuda y fui casada por 13 años y mi novio nunca se ha casado y nunca ha logrado tener una relacion mayor de 6 meses ni vivido con alguien por mas de una semana.  La ayuda que Michelle G a aportado a nuestra relacion es invaluable, ella tiene la sensibilidad para poder visualizar el conflicto desde dos perspectivas diferentes y saber lo que esta sintiendo cada uno de nosotros y como aclarar el conflicto y encontrar la solucion. La veo con un angel que Dios envio para auxiliarnos en nuestro deseo de compartir y sacar lo mejor de nosotros para el bien comun.  Actualmente tenemos en nuestra relacion 2 años y medio y quiero recomendar ampliamente a Michelle G.  Es una persona muy profesional, honesta y entregada.” – Abigail



jodi“I am a 39 year old fitness expert and dynamic stage presenter with a passion for all things related to healthy living, movement and teaching others.  As a result of working with Michelle, I became more aware of who I am as a person and my unique strengths.  As a result, I have come into my own power and took a leap to leave a job that was making me unhappy but held me down because of a high salary.  I was able to confidently move forward and recognize my own gifts and talents.

Prior to working with Michelle, my focus was often on making others happy and neglecting myself.  As a result, i made choices for other people and lost sight of what made me happy.  I lost sight of who I was and what I wanted.

A friend of mine recommended Michelle and knew that we would click.  Michelle is a professional, kept us on track and driving toward our goal. I never felt that my time was wasted.

Today, I use the tools that Michelle gave me such as meditation to keep my focus and mindset in check.  I love that the appointments were accessible, focused and strategic toward making improvements. I never felt overwhelmed as though I had to make a big change all at once or when I wasn’t ready.

Thank you for giving me the supportive push when I needed it most and the ability to see myself as a bigger force to be reckoned with.” 😉 – Jodi



“I am a 27 year old smiley creative director who loves dogs and yoga. When I was first introduced to Michelle, I was looking for someone to tell me why I wasn’t able to sustain positive romantic relationships in my 20’s. I wanted to overhaul my ‘love life’, and I was looking for the laundry list of my flaws in that area. I knew, from a friend who had worked closely with Michelle, that she was honest and would give it to me straight. My expectations going in were: “She’ll help me in love and relationships and that piece of my life will fall into place. I’m happy in (most) of my friendships. I have a great family. All I really need is help in the love area.” What I wasn’t expecting was for our coaching to completely, positively transform every single aspect of my life. What began as conversations about old loves or failed attempts morphed into discussions about what I want out of life, what I’m not receiving from those around me, and what I hope to build for myself in a future. Michelle’s guidance and insight helped me see that in order to find the ‘romantic love’ I so desperately searched for, I needed to be living my best, happiest life. Sounds difficult, right? At least that’s what I thought, but with Michelle’s navigation, everything happened so easily. I looked forward to our conversations so that I could tell her what new decision I had made that would ultimately bring me happiness. And her response was both validating and edifying. She’d often question, “Why do you think you made that decision?” or “What made you happy about making that decision?”; it wasn’t just praise for any behavior. She knew what I needed and assisted me in seeing and creating it for myself. I’m happier than I have ever been as an adult, and I whole-heartedly have Michelle to thank for that. No better money has been spent in my entire adult life than working with Michelle. It’s transformed the everyday moments of my life, how I feel when I wake up in the morning and the outlook on the day. It’s transformed the bigger picture of my life, where I see myself in the future and what kind of person I want to be.”  – Kayla



Akierra Missick - MichelleG matchmaker“MichelleG has a unique way of helping you unpack your excuses. She is engaging and provided real world experiences and examples. She also understands diversity, Island life, and the real challenges of dating in a small place. My biggest take-away from Michelle is to accept that you are not perfect and neither will your future partner be, so managing conflict is important. I also learned it’s important to give everyone an opportunity to shine in their own right.

Michelle helped me overcome my fear of not being understood in a world where people are listening to respond, but not truly hearing. I enjoyed our sessions and the tasks Michelle provided. They allowed me to take time and figure out what I really want in a partner and how to communicate my wants and standards. Michelle also helped me get out of my own head and enjoy dating without predicting the end result.” – Akierra Missick, Attorney at Law



I started working with Michelle G. and her company last year and she has been extremely helpful to both my dating and personal life. I will admit I have not been the most savvy dater, but in came Michelle to the rescue! Michelle gave me tools that not only apply to dating, but can be applied to any type of relationship.

There have been times that I’ve reached out to her randomly, during the day, evening and even on Saturdays with questions or just to pick her brain. I know I’m definitely not her only client, but she has a way of making me feel that way.

Thank you Michelle for not just helping me in dating, but in life! It’s very clear to me that you are concerned with my overall well-being.– Alexis B.