[Video] Do’s and Don’ts of Online Dating – Part 2


Have you ever wondered if you’re making a good impression when dating someone new? Whether you’ve met someone through online dating or through other means, you may be leaving the wrong impression without realizing it. Areas where I see daters commonly fall short include:

Texting – People usually like to text because of the added layer of security that comes with not actually having to speak to someone. But, texts can frequently get misconstrued.

Pictures – In a moment of bad judgment, a person might send inappropriate pictures. This almost always results in regret later on.  

Online profile bios – Your profile is your first impression, but all too often people have the wrong stuff on their profile.

Pictures…again – As the saying goes, “a picture is worth a thousand words” and it couldn’t be truer.  The pictures that you include on your dating profile should be a healthy mixture of your lifestyle.

In this news interview, you’ll hear me share tips that will help make you a more successful dater including:

  • How to write a dating profile that will attract your ideal partners
  • The power of using emojis with your texts
  • When it’s appropriate to send a text vs. picking up the phone
  • How to react when someone goes ghost on you and disappears

If you’re thinking of jumping back into online dating, don’t do it without our latest guide to help you get the quality matches you’re looking for. Grab our latest Ultimate Guide To Online Dating here.

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