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Michelle G. believes in order to have resplendent and rewarding relationships, it has to start with you first.


Judgement & Projection
A double negative …or a mirror?

This wasn’t easy to share.
There were tears and it was scary.

Respect boundaries. Don’t allow for someone else to make choices for you. Are your boundaries defined?



We can help you find love or navigate the dating world.


Aren’t you tired of figuring it out on your own? This raw Q&A session has the answers!

Raw. Real. Refreshing questions. No judgement only truth. A segment for the brave souls with a voice.

Are you single and dating?
Frustrated with the games people play?

Ready, Set, Action! Learn how to set the stage for dating success as smooth as James Bond!


They don’t come with a manual, instead let’s create your own


How To Make Love Last…
Relationship ruts do happen. ¬†Here’s how to turn it around.

3 Secrets to keep it sizzling this summer in your bedroom!

Are their relationships really that different from ours?

Learn a powerful technique to diffuse conflicts.

Male stereotypes in the media.
Are you mothering your Partner?

Relationships have everything to do with the textures, shapes, and lines of our everyday life experiences. What’s yours?

Is your pet enabling your relationship avoidance. Our pet names say a lot about our relationships.

How do you give from a heart-centered place? How do you acknowledge & offer special gesture to your loved ones?